"I won't bring you everywhere..and not in big groups!"

My Cultural Gourmet Tours are for people who love travelling off the beaten paths, looking for small places hidden to the usual touristic routes, for people willing to "savour" special places and unforgettable local products.

I'm a certified professional sommelier, born in Naples and lived most of my life between Rome and Tuscany…

So, differently from other colleagues, I won't drive you everywhere in Italy,in big buses and making hundreds of miles for fast visits to crowded places because I couldn't give you the best of my magic Italy! Instead...If you'd like to visit the Tuscan Countryside, uncovered Umbria gems,secret spots of Rome and Naples with wonderful Amalfi coast, I am ready to show you all of this at my own way...because this is how Italy is meant to be discovered.

I am able to meet all your requests concerning any kind of special itinerary you'd like me to show you. From private wine tastings to Etruscan Tombs, from culinary adventures to bike holidays, from unusual city tours to assisting to the old tradition of Palio di Siena. I have of course fixed destinations to propose, but most of the times I like to craft together the itinerary which fits your interests best.

Please remember that most of my tours are individual, if you're a large group, I will be glad of creating a tour on purpose just for you!

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